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Dr. Courtenay Brandt
Massage Therapy


Karuna Therapies

What is KARUNA?

Karuna is Sanskrit and is loosely translated to mean the act of "taking to diminish

the suffering of others", in short, "compassionate action".


Table Massage Therapy (Undress to your comfort level)

You will remained draped at all times throughout your session with me. I will only massage the areas of your body that you are comfortable with me touching. I will always honor your privacy and modesty.

Services and Fees:

Compassionate Massage

30 Min $60.00

60 Min $75.00

90 Min $90.00

Chair Massage

10 Min $10.00

15 Min $15.00

20 Min $20.00


60 Min $80.00

Sideline Massage

60 Min $75.00

Pregnancy Massage

60 Min $80.00

Hot Stone Massage

60 Min $80.00

Accuppressure Mini Service

15 Min $10.00

**Ask about massage package savings!**



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